The founder the farce behind the whole sharbarkle, with a real name of Stuart


Quintessentially English with a Caribbean twist. Fashion Editor.


Short, out of shape, follicly challenged. Culture Editor.

Michael | @michaeltowns

Attempting to head up sport, never letting go of his youth!

Jon | @mrjohpace

Football nut, even more so than the rest of us.

Saunders | @saunderscb

Nomadic videographer, constantly blowing bubbles.

Matt | @mjflatt

Resident MMA & F1 guru, or so he likes to think.

Ryan Hook | @flyinryan6

Likes films, food, and writing about things he can’t afford.

David Saunders | @dksaunds

Sport, pubs, Norfolk and good film. Rubbish ones too. Constantly letting football get in the way of a good social gathering.

Youngsy | @averageyoungsy

Semi-pro Rugby player until an early retirement, loving all things old.

If you fancy getting involved, helping out or writing give us a shout at havefun@averagejoes.co.uk. We can’t pay you but it will give you great exposure, some free beer and a fair few other perks!