Typical banner ads don’t work, and haven’t for some time. Here at Average Joes we know that and as such don’t feature standard, no benefit advertising like some of our competitors. Instead we want to work with brands to try and build a connection, an affiliation, and pass that unity on to our readers.

We work with agencies and brands alike to find the best possible way to maximise your budgets, this could include:

  • Sponsored Content (clearly marked and within Google’s guidelines)
  • Video Placement and Promotion
  • Social Media and Newsletter Promotion
  • Co-branded content such as guides, infographics and video
  • Co-branded site or category wide skinning

If you are a PR or Advertising Agency and want to chat about just how awesome we are and getting your client featured. Drop us an email or request our media pack below which will be sent right to you.

Who are these average like people?

Average Joes is one of the largest, most respected and forward thinking mens lifestyle magazines in the UK. Covering core topics essential to a mans thirst for knowledge including: Travel, Tech, Health, Food, Sports, Autos, Fashion, Culture and Film. Average Joes boasts an impressive readership with more than 17,000 unique users per month.

Working with some of the most respected and sought after brands in the UK such as: Audi, Selfridges, British Airways, Range Rover and Samsung to name but a few. Reader profile tends to be male, 25 – 55, with a disposable income who enjoys travel, elegance, fun and the finer things in life.

The publication and writers also have a very strong social media presence, with over 20, 000 combined connections across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. This allows us to post information, pictures and videos promoting the brands and products we work with.

Please remember at no time will we sell out our faithful readers, anything will be thought about in great detail and made sure it is targeted for our readers and what they will find useful. You can also click for more information on our Ethics Policy.

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