Back in the early 50s, Ford didn’t have the capabilities to make four-wheel drives, so they had to get some help when manufacturing from upfitters Marmon-Herrington. One such example of this collaboration is the Ford F1 Ranger Marmon-Harrington, and a 1951 example is now up for sale, one of only 2 to ever be fully-restored.

1951 Ford F1 Ranger Marmon-Harrington

Only 54 1951 Ford F1 Ranger Marmon-Herringtons were ever built and far less exist today with only 11 thought to have survived. The truck actually started out life as a panel delivery truck before customers asked M-H to add four sliding side windows and two rear benches, which turned this working van into a heavy-duty family vehicle.

The result is this interesting look at the Blue Oval’s first ever ‘Ranger’. This particular example was fully restored to its original state over two years, and includes a flathead V8 engine, four-speed manual transmission, genuine Ford Sheridan Blue paint job, and only 74 miles on the clock.

1951 Ford F1 Ranger Marmon-Harrington 1
This rare first generation F-Series was last bought back in 2008 and has been professionally restored by J&L Fabricating. The restoration job was so good that the truck earned a spot in the special Ford F1 display at America’s Car Museum for 2015.

Marmon-Harrington was formed in 1851 as the Nordyke and Marmon Machine Company, specialising in flour mill machinery. As a top engineering house, the company entered the emerging auto industry around 1900 and for the next three decades, The Marmon Car Company produced classics including The Marmon Wasp, which won the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911.

1951 Ford F1 Ranger Marmon-Harrington 4
The Marmon Car Company joined forces with Arthur (Colonel) Herrington, an ex-military engineer, in 1931, and the company went on to build specialist chassis and trucks for the US military before teaming up with Ford for 56 more commercial vehicles.

The 1951 Ford F1 Ranger is certainly one for the collectors and is up for auction where it’s expected to reach up to around £170,000 ($250,000). Head over to the Canepa Website, where this 1951 Marmon-Harrington Ford is being sold, for more details.

1951 Ford F1 Ranger Marmon-Harrington 5
1951 Ford F1 Ranger Marmon-Harrington 3
1951 Ford F1 Ranger Marmon-Harrington 2



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