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1962 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 GS Coupe

We love looking at vintage cars we’ll never be able to afford and we can’t take our eyes off this 1962 Porsche Carrera 2 that’s up for sale at Bonham’s in a week’s time. Just one of 27 Carrera 2’s ever built with a factory sunroof, this Porsche is expected to go for around half-a-million sterling!

To give it its full name, the 1962 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 GS Coupe was originally introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1955. The Carrera was named after the notoriously gruelling Mexican road race in which Porsche for years had dominated the 2-litre class.

It was the first edition of Porsche’s long-running prestige performance car and featured a special race-bred engine which had been in development since 1952. Engineers made some fundamental adjustments to the basic pushrod engine, including the addition of twin ignition, two twin-throat carburetors, dry-sump lubrication and dual-cam valve actuation.

1962 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 GS Coupe 2
Roughly 310 examples of the Carrera 2 were made in total and thanks to the rarity, incredible performance and its identity as the most developed generation of the 356-based Carrera, the Carrera 2 has grown to become one of the most desirable vintage Porsche road cars around.

This Carrera 2 was optioned with ventilated chrome wheels, a chrome signal ring, and an electric sunroof – only twenty-seven of which were ever made. It comes in its original finish of Ruby Red and the interior is trimmed with Black leatherette and Grey corduroy seat inserts.

1962 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 GS Coupe 4
The example on sale was completed at the factory on July 5, 1962 and is believed to be the 47th example of the Carrera 2. It’s seen little change through its ownership with mainly only the engine replaced early in its life. However, the original gearbox remains and it’s thought the body panels are original components too.

The 1962 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 GS Coupe is set to be sold on the 28th January and is expected to reach between £460,000 – 560,000 in auction. It goes on sale at 11am local time, so 6pm here in the UK. Keep an eye on the Bonham’s Website or we’ll let you know how much it goes for anyway!

Update: The 1962 Porsche Carrera 2 sold on 28th January for $627,000 (£438,365) inc. premium!

1962 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 GS Coupe 3
1962 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 GS Coupe 5
1962 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 GS Coupe 6



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