You may recall a few months ago we featured a gorgeous Ford GT40 which is due to go up for sale later this month in Monterey. Now while that was undoubtedly a beauty, an arguably better version has just been announced for Monterey and is so unique, it was actually the first road car delivered to North America.

1966 Ford GT40 MKI

Built at the Ford Advanced Vehicles factory here in the UK – Slough, to be exact – this Ford GT40 MKI was the first road car delivered to North America. Upon arrival, it was briefly used as a test and evaluation car on Ford’s test track, and soon became Ford North America’s promotional GT40.

As this essentially a production racing coupe, you won’t be surprised to see plenty of competition features, such as only driver-side seat support, two fuel pressure gauges, and battery-mount brackets in passenger foot well. Performance-wise, the GT40 packs a 289 CI V-8 engine and a ZF 5-speed manual transmission gearbox.

1966 Ford GT40 MKI 2
Despite its clear racing characteristics, this GT40 example is still fully optioned and fitted with leather upholstery and trim. It also features a padded dashboard, air conditioning, centred rear view mirrors, a heated windscreen and luggage boxes.

The history of this Ford is illustrious to say the least with a bunch of tour dates under its name across the US and Canada in its first year, before being sold to its first owner in 1976, racing driver David Tallaksen.

1966 Ford GT40 MKI 4
After nearly 40 years of ownership, example P/1028 was sold and a complete ground-up restoration was started. With only 11,000 original mile car on the clock and immaculate sourcing of parts, virtually all of this GT is original, including the original chassis which could not have a ‘cleaner bill of health.’

Given its history and originality, it’s no great surprise that this 1966 Ford GT40 MKI will be hitting some high numbers at the auction in Monterey. Later this month, Joes can expect to pay £3million – £4million ($4million – $5million). Head over to the Mecum Website for more details.

1966 Ford GT40 MKI 3
1966 Ford GT40 MKI 5
1966 Ford GT40 MKI 1



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