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2012 Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston & Martin. Two little words that put together, make up the name of the world’s coolest brand. Aston’s are always beautiful, elegant, sublimely trimmed and have an exhaust note that sounds like it was tuned by Beelzebub himself. We always get excited by the arrival of a new Aston but that is a rare occurrence.  The company that manufacturers James Bond’s preferred mode of transport rarely releases a new model and when they do it’s normally based on one of the existing cars in the line-up.

2012 aston-martin-am-vanquish

The new Vanquish is a ‘brand new’ model and yet it is also very familiar. We first saw it as the AM310 Concept last month and the production version is almost exactly the same. Up front you have the headlights from the Virage, under the bonnet you have the aging yet brilliant V12 (albeit now with 565bhp) found in the other DB models but the rest is all new. Based on the latest iteration of Aston’s VH platform, the Vanquish is likely to be the best car from the British manufacturer this side of the 1.2 million pound One-77.

Inside you’ll find the first newly designed cabin on a main-stream Aston Martin since the DB9 came out in 2004. It will be very familiar to current Aston owners, lashings of leather and other fine materials merge together to create a cabin opulent enough for the wealthiest of the wealthy. We believe the car will be available in 2 seat or 2+2 configuration and the 457lbft of torque will be channelled to the rear wheels via a 6-speed automatic gearbox with paddles.

The most important thing about an Aston Martin though, is the way it looks and they rarely get that wrong. The new model blends design cues from the One-77 with the stance and dimensions of the current DBS (which we believe this model will replace). Park it next to any of the current Aston’s and it won’t look that new but is that such a bad thing?

The Vanquish will be at the Paris Motor Show in September if want to see it in the flesh. If you fancy having it on your driveway then don’t expect much change out of £190,000 when it hits the streets later in the year.


So there we have it, the new 2012 Aston Martin Vanquish. We want, what about you?
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