The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular SUV’s in the world today, when it was first launched back in 1995 it was very much the market leader, with only the Freelander and Rav4 it’s close competitors. Now there is hardly a brand out there who doesn’t have some form of sporty 4×4 or SUV in their line-up, and the top spot is much harder to come by.

2012 Honda CR-V Review

Read on for our full 2012 Honda CR-V Review.


On the Road

When it comes to driving the new CR-V it’s a very solid performer, the ride is good, though I may say it is a touch soft if I was being picky, with a little body roll on cornering at slightly above normal speed, or sharp braking. However, this slightly softer stance means that the overall ride of the car is very good, coping well with the rougher tracks of Scotland, pot-holes and undulating roads.

The Honda CR-V may have 4 wheel drive, but don’t think you will be going deep off road, if you want that, grab one of their ATV’s instead! The most daring you will be going with this is wet grass at the village fete! Though saying that, on location in Scotland, you could easily rack on a couple of bikes, canoes and look at home most places in the world.


The new 2012 Honda CR-V isn’t as striking and out there as some might have expected. When the Civic was released many hoped it would be a new era of Honda design and something a little more exciting. Whilst the CR-V is not an ugly car by any means, I can’t help feeling that it could have been a little more special. It kind of reminds me of a raised estate rather than something a little more aggressive and rugged.


In the cabin

You will find 4 models in the range, the S, SE, SR and range topping 2012 Honda CR-V EX. Even the basic S has good base extras. I am not sure why but I nearly found myself wanting to find things wrong with this car, thankfully I couldn’t find anything major! More could have been made of the touchscreen, it seems very redundant with all of the buttons around the edge of the screen. It’s a vibrant, responsive screen, it’s just a little disappointing it doesn’t have more features. The mapping system for the Sat Nav isn’t the best and for some reason the indicator stick seemed to be a little too high, no idea why, but you have to slightly ‘reach’ to use it.

After that, it’s all plain sailing. Everything is where you would expect it, and it’s a nicely finished cabin.


2012 Honda CR-V Verdict

The Honda CR-V is a very solid performer, and will no doubt tempt existing customers to upgrade, but in an ever increasingly competitive market sector, getting new customers may not be as easy as it has for previous versions. Saying that however, if you are destined for an SUV, then the CR-V is very much top of the class.

The strapline for the new 2012 Honda CR-V is Reliable, Capable, Reassuring, and we think they nailed it right on the head!




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