The 2012 Paris Motor Show is just around the corner and we have a raft of new models due to be unveiled to the public from the worlds biggest motoring manufacturers. Kicking off this Saturday and running all the way through to the 14 October 2012, The 2012 Paris Motor Show is sure to be one of the biggest and most anticipated of the year. We will of course bring you all the action over the few weeks, but for now take a look at the 5 key unveils we think could take center stage in 2012.

2012 Paris Motor Show Preview

new 2013 vw golf pictures
The New 2013 Volkswagen Golf will make it’s much awaited debut. Volkwagen have picked up a little stick for their lack of creativeness and borderline ‘safe’ designs. Let’s see how it stacks up in the flesh.

The much needed facelift of the new 2013 Range Rover will be at the Paris Motorshow, we have seen it secretly in all it’s glory and it is slowly growing on us. The jury still seems to be out, but will it wow the crowds in Paris?

The new McLaren P1 will surely be one of the most popular attractions in Paris, true hypercar royalty in the follow up to the F1. It looks like a world beater…

Jaguar are going back to their roots with the New Jaguar F-TYPE, looks and fun factor, will it bring a younger crowd back to Britains best?

citroen ds3cabrio
Finally the all new Citroen DS3 Cabrio will be feasted upon. Now the DS3 Racing was one of our favourite cars of the last few years, will the Cabrio live up to expectation? As the Paris Motorshow is in Citroen’s backyard, let’s hope so!!

Don’t worry, we will be at the 2012 Paris Motor Show breaking all the news that matters. You will also find us broadcasting live with Citroen on Monday 1 October, so stay tuned for that!



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