The eagerly anticipated S-Class has been recently unveiled in Hamburg, Germany. The S-Class shows that Mercedes are really ramping up efforts to secure themselves as market leaders in the luxury saloon category.

2014 Mercedes S-Class

Both in terms of technology and comfort the S-Class has been designed to push boundaries providing the driver with an unparalleled automotive experience. The exterior features slick styling, featuring sporty bodywork with an executive undertone, twin exhausts, and a new bigger, more prominent grill.

The interior features extraordinary levels of luxury with a list of options including reclining rear seats, folding tray tables, “Air Balance” technology which both filters and ionizes air and can even throw out a scent that won’t hang around in the seat fabric, alongside a remarkable “road surface scanner” which can predict bumps in the road and prepare the suspension before you even hit them.

The top spec engine is in the S500 and is a 4.7 litre V8 pushing out 455bhp and topping out at a (limited) 155 mph. Looks like the 2014 Mercedes S-Class will be pretty much the Dorchester on wheels, and will be available in the showrooms later this year.



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