Welcome to the hotly anticipated new MINI, or what they’re calling ‘The New Original.” We hopped over to Mallorca, to the launch of what was being described as a BMW tech injected renegade. But this time round our review wasn’t to be as straight forward, as this time it involved a mammoth journey of driving the all new MINI Cooper S from Mallorca back to the UK. As ‘Italian Job‘ esque as I would try to make it, there wasn’t a lot about the new MINI that excited me about my journey prior to the launch..but boy was I wrong.

2014 MINI Cooper S Review

You can read, or for the very best opinion we suggest you watch below and follow our progress with our new MINI Cooper S video review, but before we get into that, this is what we were driving.

MINI Cooper S

  • 2.0 L Petrol
  • BHP – 192
  • 0-60 mph – 6.5 seconds
  • Top Speed – 146
  • Mpg – 49.6 average

On the road

The MINI cooper S packs a serious punch in a way that catches you off guard in those accelerator slipping moments, and the 0-60 time is a stat that echoes that sentiment. It’s optional driving modes, sport, mid and green allow you to take every road differently, tailoring your driving style to whatever purpose you have, be it to save fuel and drive economically or tear up corners and make your rev counter feel like it’s run a marathon. The ride is much smoother than the last incarnation which is an immediate tick, and not to mention it is also quite refrained and quiet, with the new MINI showcasing a lower noise level inside the cabin than any of its predecessors. The 2014 Mini Cooper quite frankly came into it’s own on whatever stage I threw it on. It gracefully glided around the mountain roads of Mallorca and revved reverberantly through the city streets of Barcelona and Lyon. A feature that has to be mentioned is the braking intervention, although it’s not by any means a MINI exclusive, the intuitiveness of the feature is more impressive than any similar system I’ve ever encountered in any car.

The Look

Although mostly similar in shape and design, the 2014 MINI professes to some subtle, yet noticeable changes. The car is far more curvy and aerodynamic than before, and the rear shows off some sophistication in it’s aesthetic. What is most noticeable about the subtle shape change is the way the light reflects off of it at night. That’s when the MINI comes into its own.


On the inside

The majority of the changes come within the cabin and the car’s use of technology. Furthering their connectivity with the MINI Connected App, MINI have refreshed and are due to release an updated version of the app which will now be available for Andorid as well as iOS devices. The update will allow you to plan journeys on your phone away from the car and have them ready to import into the cars navigation as soon as you connect, with real time traffic and weather updates all available within the app. To drive, the new MINI feels like go-kart in it’s simplicity, ride height and the fun that can be had driving it, but in its use and functionality of switches, it’s more of an airplane.


The difference in price varies from model to model with the Mini One starting at £13,500 and the top spec Mini Cooper S at £18,650, which to me I see as a small price to pay considering the quality in both technical innovation and driving ability.




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