In it’s heyday the Acura NSX was branded the “$40,000 Ferrari” and was the Average Joes weapon on choice if that Ferrari 348 was just out of reach. It propelled Honda into the performance enthusiast world until Acura/Honda inexplicably let the NSX fade into history. Until now. 25 years later, the Acura NSX is back and looking better than ever.

2015 Honda Acura NSX

Unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Honda Acura NSX (along with the Ford GT) has been the talk of the show. Naturally it’s higher in technological sophistication but it’s origins are thankfully apparent and true to the beautiful original. With the mid-engine layout and exterior design, it’s clear that Honda/Acura are looking to evoke some nostalgia.

Make no mistake, though, this NSX is even bolder than it’s exotic and uncompromising 1990 little brother. A V6 engine is still at the base of the power, but with hybrid technology. The 75-degree chassis unit is also mounted longitudinally as opposed to the 90-degree bank angle and traverse mounting of the original. The 75-degree angle is unusual but has proven successful in Honda’s twin-turbocharged Indycar engines so we are told.

The NSX has three electric motors powering a front wheel each aiding the acceleration akin to the McClaren P1. This mean the NSX offers hybrid and electric drive modes. Acura has called this system it’s “Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive”. Catchy.


It also has 20-inch wheels with Continental ContiSport Contact tyres for grip, carbon-ceramic brakes for maximum fade-resistant stopping power and a nine-speed dual clutch transmission. It also looks stunning with an optimised rear deck spoiler and a body composed of aluminium, steel, carbon fibre and others precious metals – extra torsional rigidity is provided by a carbon fibre floor. There are also detailed but necessary touches such as the modified side air intake designed in a buttress style not too dissimilar to the BMW i8.

Annoyingly Acura hasn’t yet released any power output or performance details but we’re reliably informed that it will put out “North of 550 horsepower”. That sounds just fine to us. With a ballpark figure been given of around $150,000, orders will be taken at the beginning of August and with the NSX sure to be competing against the Japanese imports and even the BMW, Audis and Porsches of this world. We’ve seen it in the flesh and we’re certain it’s going to be more than competitive. Bring on, August!




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