Back to the Future fans rejoice – the DeLorean is going back into production! Due to a law change in the US, the company can now produce a small batch of the icon and could have it in production as early as the start of 2017! We’d assume flux capacitors will be sold separately, however…

2017 DeLorean

The DeLorean Motor Company announced late last week that it now has the means to assemble an updated version of the 1981 version of the car. Don’t worry, they’ll be keeping the silver-winged doors and in fact, the exterior of the appearance “will be virtually identical.”

The new models of the DeLorean will be produced with 85 -90% of original DeLorean parts, but the performance is where they’re looking to improve. The engine will get a high-performance makeover, and larger tires, brakes, power steering and cruise control will also all be fitted. They’ll also naturally be a load of interior improvements with upgraded modern features like Bluetooth, Satnav and iPhone jacks.

DeLorean 2017 2
It would mark the first time the cars have been put in production since the early 1980s and for the first time since they were immortalised in 1985 as the time machine in Back to the Future.

Around 9,200 DeLoreans were made before the company closed its doors in 1982 following accusations that founder John DeLorean was involved in drug trafficking. A charge he was later acquitted of.

DeLorean 2017 4
The new law gives small car manufacturers in the U.S. a waiver from the certain safety requirements that were given to all car producers. The previous law made it virtually financially impossible for smaller businesses to produce vehicles.

While production of the new DeLorean is at least a year away, the company plan to produce around 300 cars over a six year period. There’s no official figures on pricing but DeLorean have said each car will be sold for around £55,000-70,000 ($80,000-100,000). Get in line! Keep an eye out for updates on the DeLorean Website.

DeLorean 2017 1



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