2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport – More Than a Face-Lift?

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is the marque’s current entry-level model. It’s also the best feeling model. The Sport first went on sale in late 2014 and filled the void left by the Freelander 2. It was bigger and more refined than its forebear and since it’s introduction has sold much like the proverbial hot-cake. A little over 4 years later it is time for a mid-life refresh. We recently went down to one of Land Rover’s experience centres near Luton to take a look at the revised Discovery Sport.

What’s Changed?

It might be easier to list what hasn’t changed to be honest. This seems to be more than just a mid-life refresh. The overall shape and design hasn’t changed too much but the body-in-white (the platform that everything is attached to) is pretty much all new. This is not only to help incorporate the new hybrid tech and bigger fuel tanks but they’ve also managed to improve stiffness by 10%. This means that it’ll handle better and ride better than before. This doesn’t normally happen on normal model refresh.

The shape may not have changed but the exterior details have. The design is a little closer to the larger Discovery and it features all new headlights and taillights. These new lights feature distinctive LED designs that will ensure people know they are following a new Discovery Sport and not one of the older ones. The overall design change is subtle but works really well as a whole package and is still distinctly recognisable as a Discovery Sport.

Inside is where most people will notice the biggest change. There isn’t a surface that hasn’t been tweaked or changed completely. They have even changed the door cards (something rarely seen on a refresh). All the changes are done with the aim of improving quality and feel. The cabin feels more upmarket now and actually is closer to the Range Rover range than ever before. Every material and surface seems to have had an improvement in quality over the last car.

All in all this refresh seems to have been bigger than any of us expected and in a very good way. The last Discovery Sport was a best seller. The new version should sell just as well if not better.