Though a few concepts have boasted the tech, no manufacturer has yet dared to release a production car with anything other than a humble side mirror. However, that’s all set to change with the announcement that Lexus’ 2019 ES will be the first mass-produced vehicle to replace its wing mirrors with cameras and video screens.

The New Lexus ES Will Feature Cameras Instead of Wing Mirrors

Yes, the 2019 Lexus ES will have a camera instead of a wing mirror. We should say from the start that fans of gimmicky auto tech in the UK and US may want to look away now. As Lexus seemingly hate us Brits (and silly things called ‘laws’ prohibit it in America), it’s currently only set to hit Japanese models.

The small cameras are tucked into regular-sized stalks to provide a constant video feed to five-inch screens which are placed just above the dash by the car’s windows. Though it is undoubtedly cool, you’d be forgiven for ask “Why?” Well, Lexus say that the tech improves aerodynamics, creating less drag, and ultimately, better fuel economy.


Lexus also suggest that the cameras will resist an accumulation of raindrops and snow better than mirrors thanks to their design. There’s also supposedly much less wind noise pollution thanks to the mirrors’ cutting through the air. Though not necessarily currently a major issue, it’s probably fair to say that noise pollution is going to become a bigger issue in the future with silent electric cars becoming ever more popular.

Though not in the US, the technology is legal to use in Europe. But Lexus say it’ll only be offered in Japan for now. That said, Audi, will be bringing its side camera mirror technology to Europe at the end of the year with the E-Tron SUV.


Last month, we headed to the Scottish Highlands to test out the tech-led Land Rover Velar. It was love at first sight.



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