Porsche has offered a closer look the new Gen 2 911 GT3 RS before its official unveiling at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. And while there’s annoyingly still no manual gearbox, there is plenty to get excited about with the 911 GT3 RS still one of the most exciting track-orientated rides around.

Say Hello to the 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Style-wise, it’s very much a minor facelift for the 2019 911 GT3 RS. But seeing as the old ride was pretty much perfect as it was, we won’t be complaining too much. Porsche’s motorsport arm have at least been busy squeezing the 4.0-litre engine for everything she’s worth, though.

The flat-six engine is now up to 520bhp from 492bhp thanks to a raised rev limit of 9,000rpm. That, alongside some brand new specialist tyres, means that a tenth of a second has been shaved off this 911’s 0-62mph, which now stands 3.2 seconds. Max speed, however, stays the same at 193mph.


Though Porsche’s cosmetic surgery has been performed sparingly, there is a new bumper and a couple of aerodynamic tweaks for handling. Bear in mind the old GT3 RS had 80% of the downforce of a GT3 Cup racing car, so the 2019 version should still take corners like a dream.


Like all 911 GT3 RS models, there’s also plenty in the way of shiny lightweight luxuries like carbon body panels, plastic windows, a new lightweight engine lid and a magnesium roof, which saves a whole 1.1kg. Inside, things are very much as they were with full carbon bucket seats from the 918.

The 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS will get shown to the public at the Geneva Motor Show next month, but if you’re already sold on one, Porsche are taking orders now. It’ll cost you £141,000 with first deliveries expected early in the summer. Find your nearest dealer over at the Porsche Website.




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