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AeroMobil Flying Car

It seems none of us will ever accept we’re really that technologically advanced until we do one thing: create a flying car. Well, AeroMobil promises to do just that in two years!

Slovakia’s AeroMobil has been knocking around for five years, pursuing the goal of building a functional flying vehicle. The company is now on its third-gen prototype and plans to accomplish full flight in 2017. The AeroMobil Flying Car drives like a normal car, uses fuel like a normal car and also somehow fits in parking spaces. The only difference is it flies!

The aero-car is powered by a Rotax 912 engine, and has a top speed of 124mph in the air and 99mph on the road, with a take-off speed of 81mph – so it’s no slouch. It can go 435 miles in flight and 545 miles on wheels – which is not too shabby at all. You’ll get two seats with the AeroMobil inside the steel framework so you can take a friend.

AeroMobil’s biggest dilemma at the moment is getting the Flying Car to utilise grassy landing strips. Once they do, AeroMobilo say they will need only 650 feet to take off and land, which should be easy enough to carve out next to motorways.

The project is backed by the European Union, both financially and by ensuring the Flying Car will pass all the necessary regulations to be made legal.

It looks like flying vehicles could soon be a serious reality. It’s hard to not get excited. Price-wise, talking to Engadget, the head of the AeroMobil, Juraj Vaculik, said the first commercial version will cost “a couple hundred thousand Euros.” Not cheap but once the technology has been sorted, more companies should provide competitive pricing. Check out more details at




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