It might not be a flying car as such, but the Neva AirQuadOne flying quad bike may just be your best realistic bet when it comes to personal airborne vehicles.

The AirQuadOne Is Your New Flying Quad Bike

The Neva Aerospace AirQuadOne is a fully-electrical vehicle which is expected to weigh around 500 kg and can carry payloads of up to 100kg – plenty enough for average human. With a linear flight speed of up to 80kph, an altitude limit of 3,000ft, and flight times of 20 to 30 minutes, it’s probably the most convincing commuter craft we’ve come across.

The 100+kg battery pack used on the AirQuadOne is anticipated to be compatible with electric cars’ recharging stations, and Neva say the flying vehicle will have 24/7 traffic management support when flying, with an emergency satcom connection.

So how does it work? Neva say the AirQuadOne gets its power and endurance through something called static thrust and semi-dynamic electric turbofans (ETFs), which are designed to optimise the Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL). Unlike a standard electric ducted fan (EDF), we’re told a Neva electric turbofan (ETF) has a specifically calculated shaped inner shroud. Whatever that means…

Neva AirQuadOne Quad Bike 3

As well as commuting, Neva hope that the AirQuadOne will also be used for sport, as well as remotely piloted versions working in dangerous environments such as biohazard or nuclear deconstruction sites. A hybrid battery version of the AirQuadOne is also in the pipe line with a larger flight time of around 60 minutes.

As with any flying car concepts, it’s probably best to take designs and claims with a pinch of salt. But just from the numbers alone, Neva’s concept seems to be one of the most realistic personal flying vehicles we’ve seen. Not to mention it’s the one that most looks like it could be found in Star Wars with a different paint job. So we’re willing it on.

While the AirQuadOne isn’t airborne yet, Neva Aerospace is currently working with regulators in the US and EU to get light aircraft certification. Head over to the Neva Website to keep an eye on any progress.

Neva AirQuadOne Quad Bike 2



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