The 4C is without doubt the most important release for Alfa Romeo in many years. The fun and Italian image long gone, they really needed something for people to sit up and take notice.

Alfa Romeo 4C First Drive

Thankfully it seems the 4C IS a proper all-Italian sports car that looks stunning from every angle and a 4-cylinder turbo charged engine sounds exactly how you want it to. It was designed with weight in mind, and due to the carbon-fibre one-piece monocoque which is the highlight of the car’s interior, they have managed to keep the total weight down to 895kgs.

After you have finished admiring the 4C from the outside, it’s time to climb in. Now the easiest of tasks…! But driving the 4C can only be described as fun. The steering is not assisted in order to keep the weight of the car down, but driven at any kind of speeds or a track this doesn’t matter at all. It is so responsive and the car is balanced to near perfection, you really feel like you are at one with the road, feeling every bump of the tarmac underneath, however if you were driving this around the UKs notoriously potholed road surfaces I’d be sure to have the number of you chiropractor on speed dial as you’d be requiring their services on a regular basis!


As eluded to above the interior of the car, isn’t the most luxurious. The traditional display has been replaced by a TFT multifunctional display which may be practical but from a personal view I’d like to see something a little bit more nostalgic on the display panel maybe a hint back to the 33 Stradale with its large imposing dials. The handbrake also doesn’t feel the sturdiest and this is symptomatic of everything else inside, it just feels a little on the flimsy side. Light, but nearly breakable.


However, these are more minor irritations than major stumbling blocks. An every day car with comfort we are now sure, but Alfa are firmly back in the minds of drivers and this is a superb flagship to the current range. And all at a price range which is certainly at the affordable end of the sports car spectrum. If you are lucky enough to own one you will have a smile as distinctive as an Alfa Romeo front grille.

Car Details: Alfa Romeo 4C OTR £45,000 (Model Driven £53,470); 0-60mph 4.5 secs; Top Speed 160mph; Economy 41.5 mpg; CO2 157g/km, Engine 1750cc Petrol V6; Power 240BHP




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