It’s finally been confirmed, the newest car to come off the Alfa’s production line will be the new Alfa Romeo 4C. Making it’s debut at the Geneva in the coming weeks, the rear wheel drive two seater will feature a mid mounted all aluminium engine, running at 1750cc through it’s 4 cylinders with the added bonus of a turbo strapped on.

Alfa Romeo 4C

Available to buy in 2013, the Alfa Romeo 4C will also mark the return of the Italian brand to the United States of America. Heralding from the original Alfa Romeo 4C Concept showed nearly 2 years ago, the chassis will be made of carbon fibre to reduce weight and the transmission is confirmed to be the Alfa TCT automatic twin dry clutch for extra speed and weight gains.

In terms of looks, there is no doubting it is a striking car, very much in the Lotus space with the low profile but yet aggressive stance. It is certainly a car we can’t wait to see in the flesh!

No word on full specs, stats, price or launch date. But expect more to come out at Geneva in the coming weeks.




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