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Aston Martin Cygnet, it's Official
Aston Martin Cygnet Interior

Aston Martin Cygnet Interior

Aston Martin have confirmed the production the Cygnet, and cars will be available to buy from Spring 2011. The Aston Martin Cygnet will be a factory standard Toyota IQ with a 1.3 litre petrol engine. Aston will then facelift the front and completely re-engineer the interior and offer buyers a complete array of customisation options.

The Cygnet will be the slowest Aston Martin ever with 97bhp and an average fuel economy of 59mpg, 106mph will be it’s top speed and it will take11.8 seconds to reach the 62mph mark. Cost will actually be above the £20, 000 rumoured price, and will now start at £30,000 standard, with options likely to take that total closer to £40K.

No there is no kidding ourselves why Aston are doing this, they need to reduce their fleet wide co2 emissions and this seems to be one of the best ways to do it at just 113g/km per vehicle. It will be interested to see how other super car manufactures tackle the ruling.

Aston Martin Cygnet

Aston Martin Cygnet

Original Story: 8 October 2009:

To be fair, for most of us the only chance of us ever owning an Aston Martin could be this little puppy. The Toyota IQ, no sorry the Aston Martin Cygnet.

It seems the one of the UK’s most famed luxury car manufactures believes that the city commuters amongst you, would like an Aston that is a little more compact for driving into the city. Enter the Cygnet. Taken from a stock Toyota IQ, Aston will then revamp the interior in an English manor-born feel, stick on the AM badges with cellotape (or glue) and the slide in the world famous chrome grill.

They then double the price to around £20K and push it out to wannabe wags, strippers and z list celebrities in Europe’s major cities. Will it be a success? I hate to say it but probably… People buy all kinds of re-badged trash now-a-days and I am sure this will be no different.

Expect shipping early in 2010, and until then we are all going to buy fruit of the loom sweaters and attempt to draw a Vivienne Westwood motif in marker pen….



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