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Aston Martin Vulcan

Not content with recently revealing the most extreme road going Vantage to date, Aston Martin will go one better at this years Geneva Motor Show by unveiling the ultra-exclusive track-only Vulcan. Just 24 examples will find their way into the garages of the super-rich.

The Aston Martin Vulcan is not a road going car and as such does not need to be confined by the rules that govern production vehicles. This makes it the purest and most extreme expression of a modern Aston Martin to date. It also previews an all-new design language for Aston Martin which some say they drastically need as most of their models have barely changed over the last decade.

The Vulcan features the most potent iteration yet of the Aston Martin’s naturally-aspirated, 7.0-litre V12 petrol engine as seen in the One-77 Supercar. With over 800bhp it will no doubt give anything this side of a McLaren P1 a run for its money. The engine was jointly developed with Aston’s motorsport division and could be the last hurrah for the twelve cylinder engine we’ve grown to love.

Aston Martin Vulcan_03

The Vulcan is also packed full of race technology and lightweight materials. Carbon fibre is everywhere and the aggressive body work not only looks cool but provides serious downforce for serious on-track performance. The Vulcan will actually be faster round a track than the cars that they send to the Le Mans 24hr race! Track-derived pushrod suspension, a mid-mounted Xtrac six-speed sequential shift gearbox, Brembo racing brakes and integral limited-slip differential will all ensure the Vulcan goes and stops just like a race car.

Owners of the Vulcan will get a detailed driver training programme including tuition from great drivers such as Aston Martin Racing’s Le Mans-winning Darren Turner. Using a range of Aston Martins including the V12 Vantage S and One-77 road cars and the Vantage GT4 race car, buyers will gradually build experience and develop their on-track skills, before turning their attention their very own Aston Martin Vulcan.

For us mere mortals though, this car is not only a new supercar to adorn schoolboy bedroom walls but a glimpse into the future of Aston Martin as they start to develop a whole new range of cars with Mercedes AMG power.

Aston Martin Vulcan_06

Aston Martin Vulcan_01



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