Audi A5 Coupe Review: Blurred Lines

The Audi A5. When launched back in 2007, it seemingly kickstarted an Audi revival. The A5 was young, sporty and one of the best looking new cars to market in some time. 9 years on and it’s time for a revamp, a changing of the guard if you will.

9 years is a long time for any car to go without a major revamp, but strong sales that never seem to slow have meant that Audi were not needing to rush and rightly so. But it does give you an immediate problem. We pushed the envelope once, will we be able to do it again. Well they certainly tried. We took to the roads in the brand new A5 Coupe in Portugal to see just how improved this could be..

As you stand and look upon the new A5 Coupe, you could be forgiven for not thinking Audi – in-fact it is wasn’t badged you probably wouldn’t. This is different, in a similar way to the incoming all new Q2, it is less understated. Bolder styling cues and strong lines feature strongly – it’s much more square and straight in design than the original A5 by some distance. Though do remember, this is the coupe. The much changed front brings a deeper bonnet with muscle lines stretching from the front and a shallower but wider grill. It is actually a little more M (BMW)perhaps than what you would expect from S or RS and Audi. That’s no bad thing – it just depends on your eye.


I hate using this word, but on the inside this car is ‘typically’ Audi. Now that is no bad thing. Overall Audi produce the best interior in terms of quality and design across nearly all segments. This is slightly different perhaps, a re-designed centre console is perhaps a little more flash than before, but still easy to navigate and find everything you will ever need.

When it comes to options, we tested both the 3 litre TDI and the S5 with its 3 litre V6. Surprisingly, I actually fell for the diesel more than the S5. Yes visually the S5 may appeal slightly more, but then the new A5 Coupe is bold already, go S-Line and you have the perfect middle ground. However, it was more the powertrain that seemed to suit the massive increase in torque nearly off-sets that horsepower difference and the overall drive just feels a little bit more connected.

In terms of an all-rounder it is pretty much a no brainer. That extra 10 – 15 miles per gallon, wider servicing points with no major feel in terms of loss of speed make it the easiest choice you will ever make. Don’t get me wrong, the S5 is no terrible car – and it’s likely to sell like hotcakes. I just think on current release it just isn’t quite crazy enough – wait for the RS though and it’s a whole different ballgame.


If you are looking for possibly one of the brashest Audi’s in the current line-up then the all new A5 Coupe could well be top of your list. Whilst the exterior styling isn’t typical, the superb ride and high level comfort very much is what you expect from Audi and a high end car.

The original A5 took Audi in a new direction, and after spending three days in the company of the new Audi A5 Coupe, it could well be that history repeating itself.