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Audi Crosslane Coupe Concept

As the Paris Motor Show has now drawn to a close we can take stock of a few of the marvels that we saw. First up our meticulous and scheduled German friends released their new concept. The Audi Crosslane Coupe Concept is sports crossover vehicle and the love child of the current Audi A1 and Q5, in fact we are probably looking at the base of an all new model, the new Audi Q2.

The SUV with added S thanks to it’s drop top nature, features a 1.5-litre TFSI engine and two electric motors for added power and reduced consumption. Stating 177 BHP and CO2 emissions of just 26g/KM, the 2 + 2 crossover is a good looking vehicle, aggressive in the stance, yet small enough to appeal to a wider audience (think Range Rover Evoque). And with it being ‘safe’ in terms of a concept, it is sure to be the base for the Q models of the future, and as we mentioned at the top, we expect to see the Audi Crosslane Coupe Concept morph into an all new Audi Q2 in the not so distant future.

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