Just when you think every new Audi is a facsimile of the last, the Q2 comes along. It is undoubtedly an Audi, from its large grille to its familiar interior, it cannot be mistaken for anything else. Despite this, the Q2 has something its other brethren do not, a sense of fun. Audi are aware of this difference too. Opting on this press launch to reveal the Q2 to us in an airfield hangar with loud music, disco lighting and graffiti on the walls. Audi clearly has the younger generation in mind.

Audi Q2 Review: Urban Warrior?

So where does the Q2 sit in the Audi line-up? Well from where I’m sitting it seems to offer much of the same practicality of the 5-door A3 but in a more pumped up package. Arguably the A3 is the better looking car but the Q2 has that mini-SUV look that is so popular right now. Despite this, the family look is maintained but this new styling direction separates it from the rest of the Audi line-up. As for the competition, The Q2 seems to be aimed squarely at both the BMW X1 and the Mini Countryman.


Audi Q2 Interior

Inside the Q2 is much like any other Audi, it is sublime. Audi really are the past masters at making a quality interior. Everything feels solid and well engineered. The Q2 adds a degree of style over other models with colour coded lighting and bits of trim that light up and pulse. It’s a simple effect but it works.

As far as equipment goes – the Q2 is brimming will cool tech. The traditional dials have been ditched in favour of a big screen but there is also a second screen in the middle of the dash. This means you can have two different views of the superb Google Map powered sat-nav. Alternatively you can view a plethora of different information on the two screens. Out test car also had a cool heads up display meaning you do not have to take your eyes off the road.

Overall inside the Q2 is a lovely place to be. The seats are comfortable, the rear space is reasonable and there are plenty of cubby holes for phones etc. Audi also offers a range ways you can personalise the inside of your Q2, something other Audis have been missing.

Audi Q2 Looks and Styling

The Q2 isn’t strictly what you’d call a pretty car but it will appeal to many but will not be to all tastes. The Q2 has a certain charm and works well given it’s intended demographic. From certain angles it looks unlike any other Audi whilst still looking very ‘Audi-like’. It is chunky and the design has different surface treatment than other models in the range.

Up front you have the usual, large ‘Audi Mouth’ featuring an interesting grille treatment. Head on there is no mistaking who made this car. The headlights are quite simple for Audi. Their shape could have been designed with a ruler but look closer and there are some nice details.

Moving down the side of the car is where this Audi seems to differ from any other. Two defined swage lines make what should be a boxy and dull design, quite unique. It aids in making the Q2 look more muscular and should appeal to the younger target audience. In addition Audi has added a contrasting C-Pillar to further break up the weight of the side profile. All-in-all it works well.

Round the back the rear light treatment is chunky and does a good job of making sure you don’t confuse this for a Q3/Q5. A contrast lower bumper/diffuser and chrome exhaust tips round out an overall nicely designed car. It isn’t going to be winning any beauty awards but perfectly suits its target market and won’t look out of place on our city streets.

Audi Q2 Ride and Handling

Audi give the impression that they want this new car to be ‘sporty’ and ‘energetic’. Thankfully all they’ve succeeded in doing is making a car that is pleasant and easy  to drive. Exactly what it should be. Buyers of this sort of car don’t want a rock hard ride or a wallowey boat. They want to get in, be surrounded by comfort and tech and get from point A to point B in an engaging way but one that does’t compromise the ease of use of the car. This seems to be what we have got with the Q2.

On our test we were lucky enough to go up and down some glorious Swiss mountain passes. There are many other cars I would have had on these roads but the Q2 still managed to put a smile on my face. You can chuck it about just enough to have some fun. The steering can feel inert at times but this is coming from someone who would rather drive a Caterham than a Veyron so my opinion here could be somewhat irrelevant. Overall the Q2’s driving character seems to match that of its design.

Audi Q2 Review Conclusion

Audi don’t have any problem selling cars. You just have to drive 5 minutes down the road to know that. I have no doubt that the Q2 will sell well and may even introduce new buyers to the brand. It is far more interesting than the BMW X1 and more useable that the Mini Countryman. In addition it has probably the nicest interior in its class. Overall the Q2 is not an exceptional car but that isn’t the point. It is a more interesting alternative to the A3 and the range of personalisation on offer will appeal to many.



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