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Audi R8 v10 Review (2018)

The R8 – put on the map by Iron Man himself – is an icon for wannabe playboys and philanthropist. But in a strange way, this is what we love about it. Audi know that the R8 is the car that breaks all of their moulds and they are very happy for it to sit there. But I don’t think many people appreciate just how god damn good this car is to drive.

Quattro has been around since the mid-80s and single-handedly won Audi a couple of rally titles before its competitors caught on. Since then it has continually been developed and makes for one of the best ‘plug and play’ rides you will find in any car.

Yes this R8 has a V10, yes it has 533 bhp, and yes it will hit 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds. But the beauty of it is nearly anyone can get behind the wheel and feel like a racing professional as this car is so damn easy to drive. Purists may say it drags the fun out of it and yes, you will be hard pushed to sling this sideways unless under the most professional of race track conditions. But for me, that doesn’t remove the fun, it adds to it.


To look at, the R8 is still as iconic as it has always been. Whilst you may argue the lines are a little less aggressive than before it is still a beautiful car, even if not quite in the same manner as the outgoing model. It flows and as such the car looks beautiful as if it were travelling without moving. The core and features are still there too – the same ones which turned heads on launch back in 2006. But it is just a little more subtle now than it was then.

Personally, I would never choose contrasting air intakes or panels, but each to their own. I prefer the more understated look of this R8. It is everything you want it to be but at times can actually look dainty, not daunting – which for a supercar is high praise indeed.

The clear engine cover (which of course sits at the back) remains, including up-lighting fit for the grandest of koi ponds to light that noise maker during the night. Overall the whole visuals remain very much on brand and very much still one hell of a head turner.

The interior is typical Audi, which is good as Audi design and build some of the very best interiors on the market today. Everything is where it should be and the technology – while you may have to pay for it – is second to none. The ride position is good and visibility is surprising for such a sports led car.

Fire that start button and the V10 blows into life and immediately sets the tone. It’s loud, brash and that smile is only going to get bigger as the day wears on. As previously mentioned, the ride is just fantastic. Not only does the R8 feel like it’s attached to tracks but it’s so smooth – like a warm knife through the softest of butter. The paddle shift is incredibly responsive but for the first time in a car, you don’t actually need them as the auto box is superb. Truly responsive, nearly knowing what you want to achieve before yourself, I have never known a box like it. Quite magnificent.


The new Audi R8 continues to be an absolute blast and complete crowd pleaser. I find it very difficult to fault this car and for the money, I don’t think anything comes close.

Head over to the Audi Website where prices start at £112,520.




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