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Audi: Real Life Crash Test Dummies

A slightly different type of feature today, and one we wouldn’t usually do. A half behind the scenes look at a press event and a complete honest account of where it all went wrong and we became real life crash test dummies…

If you have been monitoring our social media over the last few days (yes we know you have!), you will have seen that we were working with German Car Manufacturer Behemoth, Audi. We have worked with the UK arm for a year or two and this event was for the all new Audi SQ5, but it didn’t quite go to plan. I was passenger and one the UK’s largest tech sites was behind the wheel (Chris from Pocket lint, check out their new site!), we were in pure comfort but the driving boredom of the M3 when the traffic started to slow considerably and then stop just in front of us as one car rear ended another. Some quick reflexes got us on the pedal, and some new Pirelli rubber and Audi brakes somehow managed to get us to stop and not hit anything. Alas, this wasn’t true for 2 other different German Manufacturers behind us, both of which shunted us at some speed, creating a nice little 5 car broken domino board in the middle lane of the M3.

As the brakes on the SQ5 were still pressed, our vehicle braced the majority of the shunt, in fact, even though we were nudged into the car in the front, there was no visible damage on the front of our Audi SQ5 or the rear of the next car. This helped the older lady at the very front, who was already visibly shocked from the just the one shunt, and was taken away in an ambulance. The 2 cars behind however were not so lucky, basically being stuck behind the tank that is the SQ5 and between the velocity of force from the rear car that hit into the other 4.


Out of the 5 cars involved, I would be surprised if four of them weren’t a write-off. Although I can’t review the new Audi SQ5 (though I could do a break / crash test!), I can say that if you want a quality car, a car that can seem to out-brake most others and is built like a world war 2 indestructible tank, then the SQ5 is well worth a look. We were even the only car to drive away without assistance, just a little dent in the pride, and a very sore neck / shoulder which will keep me off of the golf course for a while. It’s not all glam you know!

And Audi, when you need your next crash test dummies, get in touch, we are available for very reasonable rates.



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