The term ‘hot hatch’ has been used for the last near 30 years to describe a small car that is quick and ultimately bags of fun. Originally coined by the likes of the 205 GTI and of course the the original and wonderful Mark 1 Golf GTI. However, we aren’t really sure if the all new Audi RS3 can fall into that category at a price point of just under £40K, but if it does, it is without doubt the hottest hatch of all time.

Audi RS3 Review. The most Potent 'Hot Hatch' Ever?

There is no doubting we have a long term love affair with Audi here at Average Joes. The interiors are amongst the best you will find in any car on the road today and the technology is very much at the pinnacle. As for the exterior, they are stylish and sophisticated, hinting at understatement even with an RS. So to get behind the wheel of the all new Audi RS3 was rather exciting.

I guess it had to happen sometime, and that time is now. Whilst power is only part of the recipe, it is quite a major piece of the puzzle. The new Audi RS3 packs in a massive 367 horses and given it’s relatively light weight, will propel the little beast to 62mph in just 4.3 seconds. That’s around 10% quicker that the comparative Mercedes AMG. It wasn’t many years ago that we would be calling that super-car territory. The ft lbs of torque give power throughout the rev ranges and a much flatter and more equal pull through the range.


Whilst the power and speed is perhaps the one thing that really does stand out, the RS3 does thankfully have the whole package. The irrepressible quattro system holds this car to the road like the roadrunner steaming through peanut butter. In much the same way as the R8 feels like its on rails, the RS3 is incredibly similar. The smaller footprint just helps let a little more go. More fun to be had and that more go-kart like playability.

Even with all this raucous play, the RS3 is not one dimensional. Drive carefully in comfort mode and you can push 34 mpg on a reasonable run. Not to mention the ride is actually quite forgiving, much more so than the new TTS. So forgiving in-fact that passengers will fall asleep on the drive home..! You can even upgrade the suspension so further adjustments can be made and an even more tailored ride to suit your requirements. But those options do start pushing that price-tag up towards the £50K mark, which even though we are in love, seems quite the price tag!


This all new RS3 is very much a first for Audi. The RS usually appears at the end of body and chassis shelf-life to shift the last few. However, this RS3 is very much at the beginning and will be the best selling RS to-date. Which might be a pity, at £40K, wouldn’t you want something a little more unique?

With an awesome advertising campaign which puts other to shame, pure power and brilliant handling, the Audi RS3 will be very hard to beat. The price tag may put off some, but if you want the best, I am afraid you just have to pay for it.




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