Audi RS5 Cabriolet Review

We do like our Audi’s, we do like our fast cars, and we do like our summers. Thankfully someone took all that into consideration and sent us to review and test drive the all new Audi RS5 Cabriolet…

The first ever A5 Cabriolet to get the world renowned RS treatment, Audi wanted to start with something special, and they certainly have. A 4.2 litre V8 nestles under the hood pushing out just under 450 horses and propelling you to 62mph in a rather handy 4.9 seconds, read on for the full Audi RS5 Cabriolet Review.



Slick, mean, aggressive. Whichever angle you are lucky enough to look upon the RS5 Cabriolet your eyes are treated to a moment of beauty. With the top down I really think this is one of the best looking cars around at the moment, it just looks like an animal ready to pounce, to tear apart it’s prey and leave no prisoners.

Audi purposefully went with a classic soft top instead of a folding hard top and for me it was the right decision. It sets the car apart and in all honesty you won’t want the top up anyway. I like it that us British continue to buy soft-tops and openly quoting ‘always look on the bright side of life’, and as soon as it gets above 10 degrees, down the roof goes.

Interior and Technology

The inside is dark with strong angular lines which are broken up with hints of chrome and carbon fibre. I am not usually a fan of carbon fibre, but it does work well in this car, creating a lighter interior when the roof is up. The car is a 4 seater, and to be honest it is true to it’s word. There is a surprising amount of room in the back (without the wind deflector of course) and 2+2 driving is comfortable for short and medium distances.

When it comes to gadget and technology, there are a number of great little touches you will be playing with. When you turn the engine on a robotic type arms passes you your seatbelt before retracting back into the bodywork, it sounds a bit strange, but it is just the kind of detail that sets this car apart. This model didn’t have Audi Connect, but when it comes to the UK it will be a must, extra mapping and social features to play with is a digital delight.

Audi RS5 Cabriolet On the Road

From the moment you sit in the RS5 and press the start /stop button you know you are in for something a little bit special. The immediate rev of the V8 and then it’s up to you to make your decision on the roof! The Audi RS5 Cabriolet is an incredibly comfortable ride, and able to become a GT should you so wish, giving you a relaxing and quite sophisticated ride at cruising speeds. However a flick into sport mode and you are kicked back in your seat with passion as the 19 (or 20 with the Sports Pack) inch wheels transfer that V8 power to the tarmac like Roadrunner high on energy drinks.

This is the RS5 and as such the suspension can at times feel a little stiff, excellent for gripping the road, but occasionally slightly harder that you would like when going over a few of our British roads. Though the added option of Dynamic Ride Control allows you to set the suspension independently, it may be our one minor gripe.

Also surprising is the amount of wind when the roof is down, without the wind deflector, anything over 40 mph and you will be looking like a spaniel with your hair flapping uncontrollably. But find it fitting snugly under the carper in the boot and 30 seconds later you have quite amazing wind free driving up to 70 mph and beyond. Even for me at 6 foot 3!

Audi RS5 Convertible Review Conclusion

For me the new Audi RS5 Cabriolet is the pretty perfect mix of sophistication with raw animal instincts. Whether you are cruising along an A road or making yourself smile through a winding B road, the RS5 copes with it all admirably. It’s not cheap with prices starting at just under £70, 000, with a comparable M3 for 5 grand less, but you know what? It might just be worth it.

Review Model Stats:

Audi RS5 Cabriolet, Price £68,985; 0-62mph 4.9sec; Top speed 155mph (174 unrestricted); Economy 26.4mpg; CO2 249g/km; Kerb weight from 1920kg; Engine 4200cc V8 Petrol; Power 450PS; Gearbox 7 speed S-Tronic.