The RS7 is a funny kind of beast, and although you may not associate the word beast with a 4 door coupe, we can assure you it very much is. Sprinting to 60mph is 3.9 seconds, it’s one of the quickest 4 wheels / 4 seats / 4 doors on the planet, matched only by the Ferrari FF at 3.7 seconds, but that doesn’t have 4 doors!

Audi RS7 Review

It’s an interesting space, this 4 door coupe market. We assume aiming at the older gent who needs to think of his family whilst still holding on to his need for pure speed and damn right fun in a sports car. It’s not just the older gent that may be attracted to this car, and whilst we weren’t immediately taken in, there are obviously advantages in space, and we are mainly thinking for our weekend bag and some golf clubs!

Upon setting eyes upon the RS7 it is very much a grown up and enlarged A5, that low, stretching silhouette making for a very mean looking thing. Although the recent RS6 Avant advertising is based around the whole ‘power from an unexpected place’, the RS7 is very much in the same space. Styling cues to the standard A7 and you must look very hard to notice the RS7 details. Which is something we like. A lot.

The larger rims being the obvious one, as well as the RS bodykit and full LED headlights as standard. The whole thing just comes across as a adult car, a distinguished gentleman with a mean streak perfectly made for the weekends.

You come to expect the usual quality and refinement from the current crop of Audi, especially when stepping inside and feasting your eyes upon the interior. In-fact, if we had to choose the interior from just one brand for technology, quality and look, we would all choose Audi. Although low, the RS7 provides a very spacious interior and with that a very comfortable one when cruising along various types of roads.


It’s actually hard to describe and actually appreciate the RS7 when it comes to the road, especially in the UK where you will run out of road (or speed limit) within seconds of pushing that right pedal down towards the floor. But with that low weight distribution and rather large footprint, there really is no budging this car from the road once it’s set in its tracks. With traction fully engaged and even with the windiest of roads there is very little movement and no body roll. Just a pure movement of body and mind along those lateral lines.

Housing the same powertrain as the RS6 Avant, that 4 litre V8 is a pure joy, producing 552bhp and 516lb ft to take it to 60 in 3.9 seconds and on to 189mph. Along with a combined cycle of just under 30mpg it obliterates any 4 door our there, including Porsche and Aston Martin.

On paper the all new Audi RS7 is the must buy for anyone looking to a 4 door coupe with an element of fun, it may not have the marque as some of the others such as the Aston Rapide S, but everything else is well and truly nailed.





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