I am an absolute sucker for a convertible and unlike most, I love them even more when they are in a traditional ‘soft top’. Audi have always kept true to tradition and you won’t find a retracting hardtop anywhere in the range. The now 4 year old RS5 Convertible is one of my favourite ever cars, but can the all new S5 Convertible be as sought after as its predecessor? We headed to Seville to find out…

Audi S5 Convertible 2018 Review

It may have been March but Southern Spain and Seville (which was beautiful by the way) was kind to us. Not a cloud in the sky and tipping 20 degrees meant the top was down all day – no matter what the road or the speed.

The latest S5 is much curvier than previous models, while the lines are still incredibly strong. So much so, you can’t help but see the S5 Convertible as an inflated TT Convertible or R8. The curves might be nowhere near as pronounced – and of course it’s much larger – but there are certain similarities if they were stretched side by side. It’s a good look. And while I probably prefer something a little squarer and closer to the A4, the front end is beautiful and thankfully still maintains a feel of masculinity.

Talking of masculinity – there can be a stigma around men in convertibles. And whilst I couldn’t ever see myself advocating the purchase of an SLK or MX5, a larger car (even with a convertible) is just fine for the average Joe. With long summers and warmer days there has never been a better time to fall in love with a soft top. But back to the car…

Sliding into the cockpit and you have Audi at its very best; still one of the best all-round interiors you will find in any car today. The technology and infotainment is always top notch and this time we have the added option of a fully working touch screen as well which is now rolling through the Audi range – and about bloody time! Everything just seems to be where you want it to be, from the simple use shift through to the air con system and the new neck heaters for those slightly chilly mornings when the sun is still blazing and you just have to get the top down.


On the road, the S5 is even better than before. The ride is tight and well balanced, with the 3 litre V6 pushing out a healthy 349 bhp – even the S5 has enough power and push through the bounds of fun whilst still retaining an air of class and drive sophistication. The auto box picks up well in dynamic mode too – there is some lag but very little compared to other makes in the segment. Of course, for the best response then manual is the way to go with the paddles working like a dream as well as being well positioned.


Whilst the S5 will never be as brash and downright rowdy as its bigger brother, it is a wonderful middle ground for those that don’t want the full RS but would like something a little more special than standard.

If you are looking for a 4 seat convertible, look no further than the S5. Until the RS.

Head over to the Audi Website where prices start at £33,845.





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