The Audi TT has become a motoring symbol over the past 15 years. When it was first released there was very little like it on the road, especially at a similar price point. The misgivings of the Mark 1 were well documented, but ever since the TT has been on a sharp rise. The most recent Mark 3 is the best yet and the all new Audi TTS is sure not to disappoint. Is it? Read on for our Audi TTS Review.

Audi TTS Review

The looks are unmistakable and whilst the best looking TT ever, you will need to look into the detail to find the differences between this TTS and the last version. The new TTS looks much meaner and ultimately more aggressive. The lines are sharper and more lateral giving a much closer aesthetic to the R8 which is very welcome.

This gives us an incredibly beautiful car. One that does its small and agile self-justice and really does live up to its looks.


On the inside.

This is where the new TT and Audi TTS will split opinions. On the inside. Whilst we hate Marmite, personally, we absolutely adore the new TTS interior and honestly believe it is one of the most slick and sophisticated car interiors on the market today. The key? Simplicity.

There is no centre screen, there are no centre buttons or display. Where is everything then I hear you cry? The whole climate control system is managed on small touch and turn buttons actually embedded into the 3 central air vents. And as soon as you have used it once, it makes perfect sense. The remainder is all built around the decent Audi touch system with a low down centre dial with finger gesture recognition built in. What about a screen? All input and changes are then displayed in your instrument panel which would usually hold your dials. Say again?

Yes, the two main dials (RPM and speed) are electronic which is nothing new. However the colour and depth of the display means that everything else is displayed there as well. Media, phone, car settings and even the sat-nav. The whole pack makes everything feel very natural for the driver and no second guessing from passengers as they can’t see squat!!

Whilst ground-breaking in itself, it does mean no touch screen for safety reasons of reaching through the steering wheel. So it will be interesting to see if Audi roll this out and see it as the future instead of touch.

Space wise, the boot is actually impressive. As you can see below. Full golf clubs (including driver) and a trolley can be snugly fitted in. How many 2 (ish) seater’s can you say that about?!


The Drive.

This is where the Audi TTS lives up to expectation but disappoints us in the same way. It’s an S and whilst not an RS it is still rather sporty and incredibly spritely. The 2 litre turbo-charged engine pushes out 310BHP and will propel this little 2.4 seater (well it isn’t really 2+2 is it??) to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and all the way onto a limited 155 miles per hour.

There is no doubting it is quick and trust us when we tell you it is incredibly nimble. The car places itself wherever you want it go to and does so with style. It is all extremely tight. The issue comes when you don’t want to push it and you aren’t on a track. The TTS is rather harsh on the road.

Yes, both the ride over bumps can become uncomfortable and the road noise streamed into the cabin is rather annoying on all but the most perfect roads. And when you consider you really need to push it to hear exhaust tones in the driving seat, it is just a touch disappointing.

Audi TTS Review Verdict

This is the best Audi TT ever. It’s beautiful, nimble and incredibly quick. Precise to drive but it does lack a little bit of refinement at slower speeds which may stop it becoming your everyday commuter.




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