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BMW 3 Series Review

The BMW 3 Series has come a long way. From ultimately defining the business car in the eighties and nineties, it has more competitors now than it ever has. It’s very much a 4 horse race and many may even argue that the new kid on the block, the latest Jaguar XF, may even be the front runner. In response, BMW are releasing a new 3 Series later this year. Though it doesn’t seem to be a minor update in the eyes of BMW, from a user perspective is there really enough to get excited about? We headed to Northern Spain to find out.

The first thing you notice about the new 3 series, is, well, nothing. Nada, literally nothing. Visually you will find very little change from the outgoing model to the new. Even with someone pointing with a foam finger, you still can’t see a thing. And if we wish to be brutally honest, that sets the whole theme for the new model. Of course, change isn’t always good. After all the existing BMW 3 Series is pretty much as good as they come. If you asked a current business user what they would change. Most would hum and ha before mentioning a space to put their mobile phone. Well you are in luck. There is now a space!

We can only assume the new 3 Series was a dream or nightmare for the designers. Either they took a few years off or put their feet up in pure bliss, or they pulled their hair out at not being able to change a thing. There are small changes to the front lights and fog lamps and the lines flowing from the bonnet to the rear seem slightly more pronounced. On the rear, well. The lights haven’t changed shape but the lens looks a little different and they are now full LED. Again the bumper is perhaps a little more pronounced.


On the inside, the interior now follows the new standard for BMW (well until gesture control which will be rolled out early next year). Without doubt these are the best interiors ever to grace a BMW. The media centre is very solid, house around a 6.5 or 9 inch centre screen which is both vibrant and clear. After that, covering miles in comfort is the name of the game. Good space with simple, yet function interior cues.

When it comes to the drive, typically BMW. It is of course superb. Smooth on all but the worst roads and very little outside noise makes this a dream to drive over longer distances and racking up those motorway miles. Engine options are a plenty, and whilst the new 3 cylinder 318 promises much and IS superb fun, the return to a MPG is very poor. Struggling to get over 30 for normal driving having to work so hard to pull along such a large car. Until the EV hybrid models come out next year, the 2 litre diesel has the best balance, though again fuel consumption didn’t blow us away with figures around 45. But it was responsive when twinned with that super auto box.


BMW 3 Series Review Conclusion

On paper the new BMW 3 Series ticks every box. Beating or matching its rivals in very much every department. As such people upgrading on their business cycle or looking to move away from another brand will instantly be drawn in. The issue is, if you have a current 3 series, do you need a new one? And I am afraid the answer is very much no.




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