On paper the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé doesn’t quite fit. After all the 4 Series is a 3 door variant of the 3 Series Saloon which is 5 door (stay with me), so to have 5 doors on the new 4 Series Gran Coupé you are very much back where you started Of course having a Gran Coupée instead of a standard booted saloon model does have advantages but is it really enough for a whole new car outright?

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé

Statistics don’t lie though, and in its old incarnation as the 3 Series Coupe, it was actually one of the most popular body styles in the range. To help us give it a true test, and of course get our heads around all of those numbers, we saddled up and headed on a mini adventure around Wales.

Not just in name, but also in looks, the 4 Series Gran Coupé is very grown up. It’s a car designed for someone that will cover many miles, and one designed for ease of access, both for its passengers and general ‘stuff’. Now of course this has some impact in terms of aesthetics, but whilst the GC may not turn heads, it is actually quite a fetching car. It’s long and lean, nearly like a large fish swimming out from the blue sea. An imposing shape even though it’s perceived lack of height help enable it to keep in a part a more sporty exterior.

The first thing you notice when you walk around this car is the amount of space, whilst perhaps not so much in the rear seats, the size of the boot and its sheer access is perfect for continued use and cramming in a variety of things. Without stepping into the realms of a 4×4, I don’t think I have ever felt so much space in a Coupé. And whilst an estate may be larger, the tunnel like effect gained from a shallow rear door doesn’t give excellent access like the 4 Series. With wet weather (well it was Wales), it was all too easy to throw wet kit to one corner in the back whilst picking up something dry from the opposite side.


The cabin felt equally as open and spacious, with a good driving position, again only better by an upright 4×4 such as the Range Rover in terms of long duration comfort. As a brand new model the 4 Series GC boasts the latest BMW interior which moves away from the slightly mundane and into the well-equipped and aesthetically pleasing, all based around that 10 inch centre console to which BMW are so proud of. The drive is typically BMW, no fuss and responsive steering helped by the rear wheel drive. Even the 420d sporting a standard 2 litre diesel has a good balance of power and economy, regularly reaching well over 50 miles per gallon on a good run but still with enough power for overtaking on windy Welsh roads.

Overall the new 4 series Grand Coupée is a huge win. The ability to eat up the miles and with what feels like bags of space in something similar to the size of 3 Series made a week away as easy as it possibly could. Sexy it may not be, but sophisticated and grown up it certainly is.

Price: From £29,420
Buy: New Cars by BMW




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