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BMW M4 Coupe Concept

It’s all a bit cloak and dagger with BMW’s plans for the new M4, all we know so far it’s going to be an aggressive beast of a machine, falling in line with the current M crops and their enormous and die hard fanbase.

Early indicators are pretty much non existent, but we expect BMW to ditch the V8 and opt for an inline turbo’d V6 to lose some weight and hopefully keep to a pretty healthy power base of around 450 Horses and 400+ foot pounds of torque.

Styling, the 4 series is pretty out there already, so just expect even more so. From the sneak video and images expect a more flared front bumper with front vents and a dome bonnet sitting on the top. 20-inch alloys will be the standard, and a sprinkling of carbon fiber can be found in the front splitter, roof and rear diffuser.

BMW M GmbH Chairman Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, was quoted “The BMW Concept M4 Coupe reflects the BMW M philosophy in ideal form: It combines motor racing genes and unrestricted everyday suitability in a highly emotional overall concept.”
“For four generations, the BMW M3 has put motor racing on the road and the BMW Concept M4 Coupe consistently continues to pursue this fundamental idea.”

The BMW concept will officially launch at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this week, in what has become one of the most sumptuous events for brands to launch their most lavish concepts.

And whatever car BMW end up getting to market, its safe to say that the hot version of the new 4 series coupe will be a desired taste, a couple of the guys aren’t a fan in the office, but the majority love it.

Check the video below for a sneak peak of the new M4 coupe concept.



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