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BMW M6 Coupe

The BMW M6, and infact even the old 6 series has always been one of our favourites. The bold and brashness of an M car, perfectly held together and formed round a larger and ultimately more muscular car make for a visually appealing, no, make that stunning, set-up. And the all new BMW M6 Coupe just continues that trend, and then some.

The latest model is beyond stunning, reminding us of the all new BMW M4 lauched earlier this year but in a more masculine and larger package. Whilst the M4 was very much a car we loved with place a plenty, the ballsy and typically M styling was perhaps a little too much on a car of that size and stature, the M6 though, well it really does go together like cheese, wine and a very merry christmas.

Featuring the 4-litre turbo V8 engine with the M TwinPower Turbos to delivery more power and torque where you need it most through the revs. A maximum of 560HP with a peak torque of 501 lb-ft and for the majority of us that is a whole lot of fun. Whilst the powertrain certainly packs a punch, the MPG come in just under 30 on a combined cycle, which if you fancy driving Miss Daisy is mighty respectable.

The interior is very much the current crop of BMW and M, luxury and a step above. You will find responsive shift paddles for the M Double Clutch alongside the standard gearshift, and ‘iPhone-style Central Information Display’ (whatever that is) and an M version of the headsup display

Whilst BMW have always provided a near unbeatable driving experience, occasionally uninspiring aesthetics combined with a very workmanlike interior have held them back from our true love. However, in recent years they really have turned the tide, and the all new BMW M6 Coupe has yet again proved BMW are again right at the top of their game.




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