If you hadn’t noticed, electric transport is becoming more and more widely available these days as manufacturers are starting to realise the potential in the technology. Not only does it obviously save them many a quota, emerging technologies are making electric motoring a real option for commuting and play.

BMW Motorrad eRR Battery-Powered Superbike

But it’s not only cars. Take a look at some of the first images of the new BMW Motorrad eRR, a supersport motorbike powered solely by the humble battery!

BMW’s is no stranger to plug-in and go vehicles with the i3 electric car, i8 hybrid car and the brilliant 2014 C evolution electric scooter all donning the German name. But in order to give the experimental eRR every chance of making it, BMW teamed up with the Technical University of Munich for some extra nous.

Bmw Motorrad eRR Battery Superbike-4
Not many details have been released yet but we do know the eRR takes its design and chassis from the S1000RR, a motorcycling masterpiece. The RR will put out 199-horsepower but BMW have admitted this isn’t as aggressive as the C evolution when accelerating from 50-60kph.

Bmw Motorrad eRR Battery Superbike-1
The market is clearly there for an all-electric ride. In the US, there are several manufacturers with electric bikes in production already. The Lightning LS-218 has had some great reviews, Victory Motorcycles’ offering has been well received and Honda are said to be developing something special with the Mugen.

As we said, details are light at the moment but there should be more on the way soon. It does look, however, like there’s a good chance the BMW Motorrad eRR will become the first European mainstream brand to mass produce an electric motorbike. We hope so anyway!

Bmw Motorrad eRR Battery Superbike-2



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