While it’s purely just a concept from a non-affiliated designer, the BMW Titan motorbike is sure to turn a few heads. Designed by Ukranian Mehmet Doruk Erdem, the BMW Titan Concept Motorcycle takes its inspiration from the Great White shark and was created with the purpose of breaking the land speed record.

BMW Titan Motorbike Concept

The first ever land speed record was set on the Bonneville Salt Flats back in 1914. It was set a man named Teddy Teztlaff who rocketed around a 300 horsepower Mercedes-Benz across the desert at 142mph. It might not sound much now but back at the start of the 20th century, it was obscene.

According to Mehmet, his BMW Titan concept motorbike took much of its design features from the form of a shark, a Great White no less. As such, the single back wheel has been chiselled to resemble a tail, while the sides look like fins and the air-intakes may as well just be referred to as ‘gills’.

BMW Titan Motorbike Concept 3
In order to gain as much speed as possible, the nose of the Titan has been designed to reduce air resistance and leads the air into those ‘gills’ for more efficient ventilation. The engine is also increases the aerodynamic effect of the design for the purpose of maximum acceleration.

The Titan comes with a very forgiving seat-cushion, from which users can check all systems on the Titan from the automatic control panel. This includes the suspensions, cooling systems, temperatures, and all other parameters for the Titan. Riders can also adjust the motorcycle settings depending on the riding terrain and environment.

At the rear side of the Titan, the predominant features are the enclosed swing arm and tyre. The swing arm covers the shaft and suspension systems to get a sleeker design.

BMW Titan Motorbike Concept 1



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