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The Boeing 737 Cowling Chair

The trend of upcycling is showing no signs of letting up. And while some upcycle attempts may look a little Blue Peter-y, one example that can’t be accused of such a thing is this chair made from an old aircraft’s engine. Take a look at the awesome ‘737 Cowling Chair’.

Created from the engine cowling of a Boeing 737 by the folks at Fallen Furniture, the colossal chair is welded together from sheets of titanium alloy on the exterior. Inside, the dark interior has upholstered in the highest quality leather, and to finish it off, the chair spins weightlessly on its highly polished spun aluminium base.

Based in Bath, Fallen Furniture is the brainchild of brothers Harry and Ben Tucker. Using reclaimed, authentic aircraft parts, from both military and civilian aircraft steeped in history, the company take pride in exploring the most innovative ways to breathe new life into remarkable feats of engineering to design and create pieces of art and furniture.

Boeing 737 Engine Chair 2

Each piece of Fallen Furniture is meticulously crafted with an emphasis on originality and personality, resulting in a distinctive and decorative tribute to aviation heritage and engineering, guaranteed to intrigue, to captivate, and to inspire conversation in any home or place of business.

Standing at 2-metres high, 2-metres wide and 2-metres deep, the 737 Cowling Chair is featured over at the Fallen Furniture Website where you can enquire about the availability.

Boeing 737 Engine Chair 1



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