About a year ago, we remember seeing a vending machine on the TV in South Korea which sold not sweets, crisps and your favourite flavour of Lucozade, but a vast array of headphones and earphones. The concept of using vending machines to sell something that wouldn’t rot your teeth truly blew our little minds. While that was cool at the time, it seems relatively mild after seeing this Carvana giant vending machine for cars!

Carvana Vending Machine for Cars

Carvana is an established online used-car dealership and wanted a way to encourage buyers to come in and pick up their cars instead of having them delivered. We can only assume the CEO asked his teenage boy how to do it because the five story vending machine for cars was the concept they’ve come up with!

We don’t really care how they came up with the idea because it is truly brilliant. The picking up process even comes with a large ‘insert coin’ box where customers will insert a gigantic coin to complete their purchases!

Carvana Car Vending Machine 1
Based in the States, Carvana used to be like any regular second hand car dealership until it turned all its business online. If you’re interested in a car, you can go online and get all the info and specs you need as well as taking a virtual tour around the car to check for bumps and scratches.

Carvana Car Vending Machine 5
Once you’ve bought your car, it’s then delivered to your door where you then get 7 days to test drive it to make sure you’re happy. But while it saves on staff, delivering cars isn’t a cheap business so the company decided to get creative!

The result is this giant, five-story vending machine for cars that’s just opened outside Nashville, Tennessee. Carvana are assuring Joes this isn’t just a cool gimmick – though they of course accept is it incredibly cool! The company say that not only will it add to the experience of buying a car, it’ll also reduce overheads with less real estate and staff needed to complete a transaction. We’re with you all the way Carvana!

Carvana Car Vending Machine 4
Carvana Car Vending Machine 2



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