Longest Traffic Jam in China

Longest Traffic Jam in China

China's Longest Traffic Jam

Over the past 10 days, drivers in China have been creating what could be the world’s largest ever traffic jam. The traffic currently stretches over 60 miles along the Beijing – Tibet freeway heading South into Beijing. The massive jam is expected to last nearly a whole month.

Vehicles are currently travelling a maximum of a mile per day as thousand of cars and trucks are held up by roadworks that aims to improve the road for all of the heavy goods vehicles that use the freeway. The local economy has boomed in an unusual way though, as locals have taken to the road, selling drivers supplies such as food and water for up to 10 times shop prices.

However, the jam as also attracted crime, with many reports of stealing, muggings and even stabbings over the past few days.

And you thought the M25 on a Friday was bad…



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