Citroën has just unveiled their latest vision for the future of urban exploration in the Ami One Concept electric vehicle. Designed to be an alternative pay-as-you-go option to shared bikes and cars, the “urban mobility object” only has a top speed of 28mph, which means in many countries, it can even be operated by people without a driver’s licence.

Citroën Unveils Compact Car Concept for Unlicensed Drivers

The Ami One Concept is Citroën’s response to vehicle sharing schemes in busy cities. As such, the zero-emissions vehicle will be available for trips ranging from five minutes to five hours on-demand through an app. While it is only a concept at this stage, it is an advanced one, with a prototype rumoured to be available for test drives at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

According to Citroën, the Ami One would have a range of 65 miles and can be charged either at public charging stations or at home. Not only that, based on current legislation, Citroën believes that European customers could drive the vehicle on average from the age of 16, with or without a full car licence.


Looks-wise, the Ami One is certainly distinctive, with Citroën describing it “as if sculpted from a solid block”. But we think that does it a bit of a disservice. It measures in at 1.5m high and 2.5m long and comes with an eye-catching orange-and-grey exterior with blue rubber straps and lighting adorning both the front and the rear.

The deep blue colour palette can be seen more in the interior, which features openwork seatbacks with a futuristic woven cube pattern. Seats are arranged asymmetrically, with the passenger seat fixed into position at the back of the cabin, while the driver’s seat can be slid forward on rails. Quite honestly, it does look like fantastic fun.


In order to actually drive the thing, Citroën say drivers will need to connect it to their smartphones. This will not only unlock the car initially, but smartphones will also need to be docked into a wireless induction charging station. From here, the screen will be projected onto a panel in the driver’s field of vision, enabling them to view navigation.

The Citroën Ami One Concept is certainly unique, and if the French carmakers are right about it being suitable for unlicensed drivers, they could well be on to something. Keep an eye out for info over at the Citroën Website during the Geneva Motor Show, which starts on 7th March.


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