Defender Roof Tent – AirBNB on wheels?

We all know the worst part of camping don’t we? No not the lack of showers or having to make a toilet with a shovel. It’s having to put up the tent and then somehow get it back into the bag. Personally I hate it. But I actually like camping. That’s why a recent press release about a bespoke roof tent for the Defender 110 from Land Rover caught my interest.

Built by Autohome, specifically for the new Defender 110, this tent has got to be one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors with the minimum of fuss.

The tent sleeps two adults and includes a full-size luxury mattress, pillows, interior LED light, rear canopy and compact aluminium ladder. The tent can be put up in seconds with one simple movement.

Quality is assured thanks to Autohome being the world’s leading producer of roof tents for explorers. The Land Rover Defender roof tent is available now, priced around £2800 (ex VAT).

Joe Sinclair, Land Rover Director of Branded Goods and Licencing, said: “The New Land Rover Defender is the ideal vehicle to reach remote destinations comfortably both on and off road. This roof tent will enable Defender drivers to continue their adventure above and beyond their journey; it’s perfect for the modern-day explorer.”

Giuseppe Fercodini, CEO of Autohome, said: “Land Rover has worked hand-in-hand with our technicians to design a unique roof tent for the Land Rover Defender. This tent is much more than a campsite accessory: its strength, comfort, versatility and reliability makes it ideal for extreme camping and off-road holidays.”

When driving, the tent is stowed flat for maximum stability and aerodynamic efficiency. When erected, it measures 2.3m long, 1.3m wide and 1.5m high. Plenty of space for two adults to get a great nights sleep.

It looks the part too. Because it has been designed specifically for the new Defender, it looks like it should be there. Not an ungainly addition that spoils the look of your Defender.

The new Defender (which we’re hoping to drive soon) is already on sale in the UK and starts from £45,240. To spec yours, go to

Would you happily spend a weekend away on one of these or would you prefer a an AirBNB instead? Let us know in the comments.