Hurrah! The Grand Tour is finally here. Most people are raving about it (apart from the BBC) and rightly so. It’s those three doing what they do best. The Grand Tour isn’t their only new venture though. The trio along with producer Andy Wilman want to change the way motoring enthusiasts engage with online content. Not just their content but your content too. It’s called DRIVETRIBE and whatever weird and wonderful automotive niche you’re into, there will probably be a tribe for you. Can’t find what what your looking for? Start your own tribe and lead others into your obscure world.

DRIVETRIBE - Clarkson, Hammond & May Interview

We were granted early access to DRIVETRIBE so we can give you an insight into what is all about. On the face of it, take Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Blogger and your favourite motoring website, chuck them in a blender and thats what DT feels like. It has a really clean interface. Just a white backdrop and black text, content is king here.

When you sign up, you’ll be asked to join a few Tribes – each of the trio have their own tribes but there are thousands more to choose from. We particularly liked the tribe dedicated to Lego cars and the Shitty Car Mods tribe. The diversity is amazing but all tribes share motorised transport at their core. This is the point. You might join because Clarkson, Hammond and May are behind it but they want you to stay and use it because you can find and cultivate a community beyond what they offer.

We sat down with Clarkson, Hammond and May to discuss the new platform as well their shared love of free Wine Gums. We discussed many things but here are a few of the best questions and their responses:

Richard Hammond

AJ – What was the inspiration behind your Fob Jockeys tribe name?

RH – [He laughs] It’s just a name I liked. I wanted to call the whole thing Fob Jockeys. Granted DRIVETRIBE is a much better name. It’s funny because for us our tribes are going to initially centre around our take on motoring and what we talk about. Now I ride motorbikes dating back to 1925 regularly. This weekend I was out in my ’68 Porsche and our tribes will reflect our own take on motoring. It’s slightly different for us because people know us already so they know roughly the kind of quirky thing or fast thing and what they are going to find on our three tribes but obviously if someone else joins who maybe isn’t known but their idea for a tribe is, ooh yeah I’m really interested in series 1 Range Rovers so they’ll follow that tribe. These things will grow and other tribes will split out of it. It’s the hope, it really is that the people will say they like series 1 Range Rovers but I only like the two door version so that’ll split and create another little tribe. These things will sink or swim dependant on whether or not they’re any good which is quite democratic, isn’t it? [In his best professional voice] It’s the democratisation of content you know [everybody chuckles]… don’t write that down, besides no-one will believe I said it!

Jeremy Clarkson

AJ – What has been your favourite car of 2016?

JC – Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrafoglio or the DB11, they are both very good from this year. The Quadrafoglio only because I’m an Alfa nut! I’m going to start an Alfa DRIVETRIBE, I’ve started one actually called ALFA MALE but I just want it to have error code 404 on it every time you go on there because its not working. But it’ll be beautifully designed. It won’t be in normal writing, it’ll be in fabulous writing but it just won’t be working.

AJ – Who should have won the F1 World Championship?

JC – Kimi! Kimi should have won. He should always win because theres no-one funnier in the post-race press conferences than Kimi Raikkonen.

James May

AJ – How is the DRIVETRIBE launch going?

JM – Urm OK, I’ve done a lot of talking about it and tried to sound knowledgable about the technical universe. I think I’ve gotten away with it so far.

AJ – How much time have you three spent together in the last few months?

JM- Too Much! On average over the last 5 months, there has probably only been one day a week that I haven’t seen one of them, and there probably hasn’t been one day where I haven’t communicated with one of them. It’s been horrific, bearing in mind we don’t even like each other!

AJ – Would you rather read Jeremy & Richard’s DRIVETRIBE posts or have major dental work done?

JM – Christ! I think going to the dentist is probably bottom on everybody’s [wish list]. Actually there was a survey done a while ago that put buying a second hand car below going to the dentist which was quite surprising! But no, I quite like reading Jeremy and Richard’s stuff, just to remind myself that it’s not quite as clever or as esoteric as mine. Plus we can interact a bit and that’s all good fun. Never mind that we see each other every day, we can now snipe at each other through the internet.

DRIVETRIBE on social

The DRIVETRIBE app is available on iOS and ANDROID in their respective app stores.



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