With 30 years of experience working on Jaguar E-Types under their belt, there can’t be too many people better qualified to build their own than Eagle. And though it would almost seem impossible, they’ve somehow managed to make it even more beautiful. Introducing the stunning Eagle Spyder GT.

Jaguar Eagle Spyder GT

The Eagle Spyder GT is the company’s fourth evolution of the Jaguar E-Type, after the Eagle E-Type, the Eagle Speedster and the Eagle Low Drag GT, with the GT keeping true to the spirit of the 60s classic while adding a few improvements of its own.

The differences between Speedster and Spyder GT maybe aren’t so obvious at first glance. But take a look above its waistline and you’ll see the GT’s windscreen is slightly taller and there’s also a tonneau cover hiding a retractable roof – giving you far more protection from the elements than the Speedster.

Eagle Spyder GT 2
Its all-aluminium body is decidedly more sleek and lightweight, and that’s all to aid the 4.7L 330hp aluminium V6 engine. The engine is mated to a smooth manual five-speed, and linked with the road by thick wire wheels.

Naturally, you can commission your very own Eagle Spyder GT. While Eagle maintain the character of the original E-Type without diluting the spirit and add reliability, safety, and performance, you can get it completely bespoke with extensive customer options, meaning the few Spyder GTs produced will be some of the most exclusive hand built cars in the world, and well worth the 4,000 hours it takes to build!

Head over to the Eagle Website now where you can order your own bespoke Eagle Spyder GT for around £695,000.

Eagle Spyder GT 3
Eagle Spyder GT 4



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