Electric Quad for the Future

Electric Quad

5 years ago when you thought of a quad, you thought off-road or farmer, now when we think of quads we think of random people who drive through them town centre’s completely legally but making a hell of a racket! Well how about in a few years when we think of quads we think of harmony and environmentally friendly? Well designer Facundo Elias has thought of just that concept!

The QUAD features an 48v electric motor which is juiced by 4 750amp batteries and will let you drive / ride this baby for around 3 hours before another charge, which itself takes approximately 6-8 hours. The looks are clean and contemporary, not quite for a child but with a definite fun factor.

We have no doubt that vehicles like these, electric bikes, Segways and such are the future. And we hope it’s only a matter of time until they are all produced on a mass scale.

Electric Quad of the Future
Electric Quad Concept

Original from our cool friends over at Yanko.