Everything you need to know about the new Audi E Tron GT

Audi have been teasing a new, sleek executive EV based around the Porsche Taycan for quite some time. A version of the car appeared in Avengers: Endgame and a camo’d version has been doing the rounds for some time. Now we finally get to lay eyes on Audi’s latest fast saloon and it looks superb.

It’s odd. The E Tron GT is probably one of the most anticipated EVs of 2021 yet effectively it’s a four door saloon. A family car. So why is everyone making a big deal about it? Personally I think it’s 30% the badge on the front and 70% the way it looks. Even covered in camo, it looked pretty cool. Want to know more about what’s hiding under those dashing looks? Good, as we’ve put together six of the top things you need to know about the new E Tron GT:

1 – How fast is it?

At launch there are two versions. The ‘base’ Quattro has 469bhp, or 523bhp during a 2.5 second boost. Only deployed when using launch control. This will propel the GT from 0 to 62mph in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 152mph. If that’s not fast enough for you then you should opt for the RS version. It gets 590bhp or 637bhp on over-boost making it the most powerful RS model to date. 0-60mph is smashed in 3.3 seconds and it will go onto 155mph.

2 – How far will it go?

Audi claims a WLTP range of 303 miles for the Quattro and 293 miles for the RS. Expect a real world range to be far below that. Especially in the winter. Our long term E Tron 50 SUV manages around 160 miles in the summer and as little as 120 in the winter. Expect the shape of the GT to be more efficient than the SUV E Tron though.

3 – How practical is it?

It’ll easily seat four full sized adults in comfort. An A6 will probably be more spacious but not by much. Boot-wise, there’s 405-litres in the back and another 85 in the nose/frunk/froot.

4 – Is it just a Porsche Taycan with an Audi badge?

Whilst they share the same basic underpinnings and much of the same technology, the GT will be more distinctly Audi than the Porsche. Handling will be more GT than sports-car but with a centre of gravity lower than an R8, expect it to be a decent steer. They are also built in different factories with the E Tron being built alongside the R8 in Neckarsulm, Germany.

5 – How much will it cost?

It won’t be cheap. Of course not, it’s a premium super-saloon but it is roughly comparable to Audi’s piston-powered RS cars. The base Qautrro model will start at £79,900 and the RS model starts from £110,950. Expect to pay more if you want all the bells and whistles.

6 – What other green credentials does it have?

Being an EV, it is already pushing the green agenda. There is still some debate over the real environmental impact of electric cars but there is no doubt that it has very positive impacts on city air quality and the lives of the people who live in them. On top of the normal EV stuff, Audi also wants you to choose its leather-free interior options with which is made with a “high amount of recycled materials”. You can opt for a cow-derived interior if you wish.