While we’re all probably never going to able to actually own one, that doesn’t mean that looking at yachts and speedboats is a waste of our precious time. And one of the sexiest vessels we’ve seen in a long time is this minimalist and sleek Evo 43.

Evo 43 Yacht

The Italian-made Evo 43 yacht is all about sophistication. To achieve completely clean lines, the design offers the minimum of fuss, and even has key parts on deck folded away such as the cleats, fenderhooks, and the polished stainless steel anchor.

Pretty much all the details and finishes on the Evo 43 are customisable and this includes the cockpit with its curved teak panel helm station, housing the wheel, the control panel, the navigation electronics and all the monitoring systems. The cockpit can also be easily configured thanks to its modular cube-shaped seats.

Evo 43 Yacht 4
While the Evo 43 does feature an extending dining table, an induction hob and a large wet bar, there is something even cooler going on – at the touch of a button/your smartphone, the hydraulically-operated bulwark lowers to reveal a whole new lounging area/sun deck. The ‘XTensions’ slides out in less than thirty seconds, increasing space by 40%.

There’s also an optional ‘Transformer’, a large pneumatically operated extending platform built into the sundeck. The Transformer can rotate almost 270-degrees and can be used to support boarding or disembarking, or even as a diving platform with adjustable height.

Evo 43 Yacht 3
A Plexiglass companionway leads you to lower deck where the luxury doesn’t stop. There’s a large V-shaped dinette with a table that folds away to make space for a comfortable double bed, and there’s also room for a disguised 46″ LCD 3D TV.

The starboard side houses a beautiful wood and ceramic bathroom complete with shower and wash basin; while on the port side, a separate entrance leads to a double cabin and complete with locker area.

If you like the look of the Evo 43 as much as we do, head over to the Evo Yachts Website.

Evo 43 Yacht 2



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