May 13 2009 @averagejoesblog

Renault are the latest team to threaten to pull out of Formula 1 next season following the FIA proposed budget caps. Since Max Mosley announced the 40 million cap for the 2010 season we have already had Ferrari, Toyota and Red Bull declare their intentions to leave F1 if the proposed new rules stand.

The only surprising thing? McLaren sitting on the fence and not mentioning anything. Now it could be they do not want to rub FIA up the wrong way after their recent court case, or could it be that they have already decided to pull out of F1 next season as a team?

You could argue F1 is spiraling out of control with this season dogged by controversy. Firstly the rules changes with points Vs wins and now we have arguments over the proposed 40 million cap limit on teams per year. But if we look back over time, it seems to be like this every few years. FIA announce changes, teams complain, changes are implemented but slightly different.

F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, now some might argue that the all of the problems are having a negative effect, but I can never remember a time F1 has been in the mainstream news as much. Add to that Jenson Button leading the way and it is probably the second most talked about sport in the UK after football.



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