Owning any Ferrari would be great but naturally there are some better than others, and the Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe is undoubtedly one of the desirables. Putting aside that it’s one of only ten Ferarris with Stabilimenti Farina bodywork, this Ferrari is also just the 11th road car Ferrari ever built. Ever.

Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe

The Ferrari 166 Inter Stabilimenti Farina, chassis #021 S (Maranello only used odd chassis numbers) is one of the oldest Ferraris in existence. In 1947, the factory produced its first cars (only 3 of them), before building 5 units in 1948 and 21 in 1949 – one which was this beautiful Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe.

That means that just 29 Ferraris were manufactured in the first three years of production and means that the #021 S model is incredibly rare. Add in the even more exclusive bodywork by Stabilimenti Farina (the 4th of only 10 Ferraris bodied by Farina), and this Inter Coupe can be considered a true gem.

Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe 4
This Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe has had plenty of owners through the years and appeared in various events/races, including as recent as the 2004 Mille Miglia. It currently dons a clean Black paint job and a luxurious Tan leather interior.

If you like the look of the Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe as much as we do (why wouldn’t you!?), and think it might be within your price range (less likely), then head over to the Talacrest Website and fill in their enquiry form.

Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe 2
Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe 3
Ferrari 166 Inter Coupe 5



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