If any of our Joes have a spare $27 million lying around, might we be so bold and suggest you take a look at investing it this 1968 Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spider, arguably the prettiest convertible Ferrari have ever built, and unquestionably one of Ferrari’s rarest.

Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spider

Only ten Ferrari 275 NART Spiders ever left the production line back in 1968, and this specific example on sale was the very last off that line. Not only does that naturally mean it’s one of the rarest Ferraris on the planet, this example was also the only NART Spider sold new in Europe.

But that’s not where the distinctions end on this model; while it’s now been painted a suitable Red (a little less brighter than the Ferrari shade you’d expect), it was originally the only 275 NART to leave the factory painted in the Grigio Scuro shade of Grey. Not only that, this car was the third-to-last Ferrari 275 to ever be built.

Ferrari 275 NART Spider Sothebys 2
NART stands for ‘North American Racing Team’, and the drop-top production run was thanks to U.S. Ferrari distributor Luigi Chinetti. It’s said that Ferrari had originally planned to build 25 models of the exclusive convertible. Amazingly, though, only ten buyers were found despite its near perfection look.

It was even more amazing more weren’t sold given that the NART had some serious racing exposure. The first ever NART Spider finished 2nd in class at the 1967 12 Hours of Sebring, and it even featured in The Thomas Crown Affair alongside Steve McQueen.

Ferrari 275 NART Spider Sothebys 4
The history of chassis #11057 is well documented. Originally bought in Madrid, it was bought by a Swiss collector in the 80s, before moving to the UK in the mid-90s. The current paint job dates back to 2001, while the leather interior was given a re-trim in 2009. Thankfully it also retains its original 300-horsepower Colombo V12 engine.

The Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spider is up for auction on Saturday 14th May at a Monaco RM Sotheby’s where it’s expected to reach up to a staggering $27 million (around £19 million). Head over to the Sotheby’s Website for more details.

Ferrari 275 NART Spider Sothebys 5
Ferrari 275 NART Spider Sothebys 3



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